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With over 2,800 toys available, we know you’ll find something that captures your child's imagination at a very low cost! 

The toys are fun, durable and stimulating. Our experienced Co-ordinators are always on hand to give you great tips and ideas. 

Please note: members are responsible for the toys they borrow. We understand that sometimes accidents happen, however if a toy is damaged or lost small fines will apply. 

Members are also responsible for ensuring their children wear helmets while using bikes and scooters.

mens shed toys
Toy Range​

BABY TOYS selected and labelled according to key developmental stages

ROLE PLAY TOYS – toy houses, puppets, animal sets, occupational and domestic play and a large range of dress-ups

ACTIVE PLAY TOYS - from activity rockers to trikes for our junior racers 

DISCOVERY TOYS – construction sets, threading, magnets and water play 

GAMES - family favorites as well as excellent games designed for preschoolers 

MUSIC - variety of instruments and move with the dancing ribbons

TRANSPORT – train sets, cars, trucks, garages, car mats and airports 

JIGSAW PUZZLES - ranging from toddler puzzles to more complex pictures with over 60 pieces

LARGE TOYS - ride-on vehicles, slides, see-saws, kitchens, work benches, tents and junior sports

Donating Toys

We welcome donations of toys, provided they are: Well designed, constructed and safe. They need to be durable, complete, in good condition and easy to clean (NO soft toys, dolls or teddies for hygiene reasons).

If you have items to donate, please send us a photo so we can inspect.

Cleaning Toys

Toys need to be returned clean.

Nobody likes to borrow toys which are dirty and in the current climate of Covid19 we need to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of all our members. 


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